In light of recent developments regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), Mecor has been focused on ensuring the safety of both our employees and customers. We want to keep you up to date about some of the safety procedures we are implementing in our offices and factories, as we follow guidelines from the CDC in order to reduce the spread.

In our corporate offices, employees have been instructed to work from home, in order to promote social distancing. Our photo studio has been closed, and our Customer Service team has been equipped with the necessary tools to be able to assist customers via phone, text, email, and chat from their homes.

All manufacturing and warehouse facilities are being regularly monitored and sanitized. Our delivery partners are closely monitoring the health of the drivers and drivers are being trained and equipped to minimize human contact as well as address any customer concerns. Customers can opt for a “contactless” threshold delivery, where the carrier will deliver the order to the front step, garage, or nearest building entrance. If customers are unable to accept delivery at this time, our distribution centers will securely store the product until the customer is able to receive it. To switch to a contactless delivery or alternate storage option, please reach out to our customer service team here.

We are doing all we can to meet the deadlines of existing orders. Due to lighter staffing and potential logistics issues, there may be some unforeseeable delays. Please forgive us for these inconveniences, however the safety of the employees involved, as well as the safety of the customer comes first.

Times like these make you take stock of what’s most important. For us, it’s the happiness and health of our employees and customers. We get it, there are way more important things going on in the world right now than furniture. But if we can bring just a little comfort to our customers through our furniture, that brings us joy. As long as there are those who share our enthusiasm for bold, unique styles and furniture, Mecor will remain here for you. Thanks for being a part of the Mecor Family.