Mecor Fire Pit, 30inch Steel Fire Pits Outdoor Wood Burning Steel BBQ

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Safety Tips & Care
Safety Tips​: Do not place your fire pit under a covered porch, trees, or on a wood deck. Do not use your fire pit if it is too windy or too dry. Never leave your fire pit unattended as wind can quickly kick out sparks. Always use a poker when trying to move logs in the fire pit. Use a spark screen to keep embers inside the fire pit. Fire Pit Care: Always cover your fire pit when not in use to maintain its appearance (cover isn't included). Clean your fire pit regularly to prolong the life & look of your fire pit. Store your fire pit indoors during inclement weather & winter months.
What's in the box?
1 large fire pit bowl with rail & leg assembly hardware 1 heavy duty spark screen contains the fire & keeps embers from escaping 1 sturdy wood grate for better air and oxygen circulation 1 firewood log poker for removing the spark screen & arranging logs.

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