Mecor Smart Bidet Toilet Seat, Night light, Warm Air Dryer, Heated Seat, Self Cleaning Nozzle, Auto Dry Heat, Children's Cleaning

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  • [Warmth Delivered from the Inner Core] Safety toilet seat design : ,insulating layer, sensor layer, heat source layer, and insulation cover Warm and safe in use.Easy temperature control if you need.
  • [Easy-drying, more than fast] With imported strong HVLS moving dry motor,to speed up drying.Remote control drying position and temp,fast and comfort.Concealed drying design, beautiful and healthy
  • [Constant in Variation] Solenoid Valve Flush,won’t affected by external water pressure,ensure constant water flow and avoid high water pressure shocks, makes flushing more steady and comfortable while using.
  • [Deep de-noising, cleaning quietly] Dual valve water control: reduce flushing noise.Tankless design: Small and stylish, saving space. Adjust water pressure automatically : to ensure a good flushing effect while the water pressure is changing.
  • [Dashing with Outstanding Power] Siphon jet flushing system. Liter per flush under 6L,some model under 4.8L, good flush meanwhile water saving.Tankless stream flush system,flushing volume is not affected by water pressure, constant current and water saving, stable and reliable.

Smart toilet lid night light function, can be seen at night

The new generation of toilet lid smart purifier

Multiple cleaning modes to meet the family's various conditions

Massage and oscillating modes are also available to enhance your cleansing experience.
  • water temperature 4 gears adjustable
  • water pressure 4 gears adjustable
  • flushing mode

  • The new generation of toilet lid smart purifier

    Damping Slow down
    Cover plate, seat ring are equipped with damper

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